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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
--- Leonardo da Vinci


For a production example of this theme running on AWS please check out Hack Cabin. There you can read more about the overall site architecture as well.


Getting started

From your Hugo site directory, run:

(cd themes; git clone
hugo serve --theme=after-dark

Copy the custom archetypes to your site:

cp themes/after-dark/archetypes/* archetypes

Include the following in your site's config.toml:

baseurl = "" # Controls base URL
languageCode = "en-US" # Controls html lang attribute
title = "After Dark" # Homepage title and page title suffix
paginate = 5 # Number of posts to show before paginating

enableRobotsTXT = true # Suggested, enable robots.txt file
googleAnalytics = "" # Optional, add tracking Id for analytics
SectionPagesMenu = "main" # Enable menu system for lazy bloggers

  description = "" # Suggested, controls homepage description meta
  author = "" # Optional, controls author name display on posts
  show_menu = false # Optional, set false to disable menu entirely
  powered_by = true # Optional, set false to disable theme credits

    google_verify = "" # Optional, Google verification code
    bing_verify = "" # Optional, Bing verification code
    yandex_verify = "" # Optional, Yandex verification code

Configure menu in config.toml if desired:

    name = "Home"
    weight = 0
    identifier = "home"
    url = "/"
    name = "Posts"
    weight = 1
    identifier = "post"
    url = "/post/"

Add pages to the menu from page frontmatter:

menu = "main"
weight = 3

Upgrading hack.css

The specific version of hack.css used is pinned in the package.json dependency manifest. To check for updates do an npm i and run npm run ncu.

If an update is available consider taking the automatic update, but keep the version pinned in the manifest. Once the new hack dependency version is pulled down to the node_modules directory, copy the contents of hack.css and dark.css into the critical-vendor.css.html file.

Once the vendor file is updated pop open your favorite dev tools and test the changes by previewing your site on mobile, tablet and desktop at different display resolutions and orientations. Make any tweaks necessary to the hack.css style overrides indicated in critical-custom.css.html.


Issues have been disabled for this repo. If you feel passionate something needs to be changed please feel free to submit a pull with your suggested changes.